RPG Solutions now part of HUB International Southeast

Our promise

Every day, RPG works to improve our client relationships and services by providing a full integrated Human Resources and Benefits approach. As your adviser here is how we plan to earn and keep your business:

1Work with and understand all major carriers, third-party administrators and benefits programs available in the industry, not just a select few. RPG selects carriers based on a client’s needs, not on the incentives or commissions we receive.

2Keep clients informed through newsletters, seminars and regular correspondence on a variety of benefits topics. For example, COBRA and healthcare reform legislative updates that can impact employer benefits and costs.

3Monitor your company’s growth in light of industry changes and carrier offerings to suggest cost-saving changes for your business and your employees as part of the benefits package throughout the year, not just at renewal time.

4Proactively approach your company in advance of the legal requirement for renewals allowing ample time to negotiate prices and make adjustments to benefits plans.

5Show you both the positive and negative attributes of available benefits and give you the complete background on the underwriting process. This information can help you make better decisions about allocating your benefits dollars.

6Invest a generous percentage of the brokerage firm’s own revenue into value-added client services and to continuously improve customer relationships.

7Provide you with dedicated and customized, value-added resources: a client portal that allows you to access all of your benefits information along with Human and Compliance Resources, and an employee portal (HR Connection) that enables employees to view and edit their personal information and benefit elections.

8Educate and advise your company about the types of benefits packages being offered by companies of your same size and budget using local and national benchmarks so you can “apple-to-apple” compare your company’s benefits to others. Provide educational sessions for your employees as part of their core benefits services – at no additional fee.

9Take time to evaluate your entire benefits portfolio and show you how to adjust to various portions of the package, including ancillary benefits, to help you maintain optimal coverage for employees without causing sharp increases in premiums or deductibles.

10Provide human resource services through dedicated HR professionals. RPG’s HR Business Solutions team has experience in all areas of HR, including employee relations, benefit administration and wellness, HRIS implementation and payroll management, hiring and selection, performance management, and regulatory compliance.